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Saturday, May 10, 2008

perfect mismatch

I am a snake
and you are a pig
we offended the Taishui when we were born
it’s a kind of original sin
but no one came to rescue us

our birthdays tell
a perfect mismatch
our faces say
we will come to blows
our palm prints show
two tragedies become one
even the temple closed
when we went there for a reading

the fortune teller I did find
asked me to change my name
so I’m myself and twenty aliases
the physiognomist advised us
to have the banquet in a month of twenty good days
this will only happen only after sixty years

we bought a house facing sort of South
but actually 10.5 degrees East
we painted our house black
and put a green sofa in the bathroom
we burnt incense to different gods
and goddesses and ghosts and other spirits

we did all the things to get rid of our misfortune
but by the time we’d done it all I found
I didn’t love you anymore
so we got divorced before the wedding
(didn’t cost us a cent)
it’s the fortune teller I’m obsessed with


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